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Hello everbody, I got a small Problem. I tried to export all log in Categorys from one real Robot.

I treid to do this in C#, but it will not works. I would be need only the messages, Date, and stuff from the Log.

Later i will put this Stuff in a Database.

Any one do something like this?


  • EugeneBEugeneB USA

    You need to create an instance of EvetLog class and sign with the controller and EventLog properties of that controller.

    After you need to create a new variable var and assign that newly created instants with GetCategories properties to that variable.

    And use foreach to go through that variable and so on.


    class ControllerLocater


            private string outputLine = null;

            public string OutputLine { get { return outputLine; } set { outputLine = value; } } 

            private string errorBody = null;

            public string ErrorBody  { get { return errorBody; } set { errorBody = value; } }

            private string bodyText = null;

            public string BodyText  { get { return BodyText; } }

            public void controllerOutput()


                NetworkScanner ntScann = new NetworkScanner();



                ControllerInfoCollection controllers = ntScann.Controllers;


                Controller ctrl = ControllerFactory.CreateFrom(controllers[0]);

                EventLog log = ctrl.EventLog;


                var categories = log.GetCategories();


                foreach (var c in categories)


                    for (int p = 0; p < c.Messages.Count; p++)


                        bodyText = c.Messages[p].Body;


                        // some text editing. Not complited – just as an exampl



                        Console.WriteLine($"/nType of Log - {c.Type.ToString()}");








            } // end of controllerOutput method


            public string TextEditor()


                outputLine = Regex.Replace(bodyText, "<.*?>", System.String.Empty);

                //ar = Regex.Split(outputLine, pt);


                outputLine = Regex.Replace(outputLine, @\.(?! |$), ". ");

                outputLine = outputLine.Replace("1)", "\n\n\bActions \n1) ");

                outputLine = outputLine.Replace("2)", "\n2) ");

                outputLine = outputLine.Replace("3)", "\n3) ");

                errorBody = outputLine;


                return errorBody;


            } // end of TextEditor method


        } // end of ControllerLocater class

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