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I have had this error multiple times and although it does not stop robotstudio it does make random attached graphics stop moving with their attached parent. I did put this question on when I was using 6.07 when I was getting attached items not moving, but never had the exception. I have now gone to 6.08.01 and still having this problem

As you can see from the snapshot the gripper to the left has become left behind from the robot (underneath the error popup), which cases me an undocking error on a custom docking smartcomponent as it can no longer see the graphic on the robot docking sensors. I will be using attachments in the future for part flow (picking,dropping and welding parts together) and this error will stop that from working


  • Liam_ABBLiam_ABB Sweden admin
    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for your post. For assistance with this issue, please contact your local ABB (https://new.abb.com/contact-centers) who can investigate the issue. It would be great if you could please provide them with a RobotStudio Report (Start menu - All Programs - ABB Industrial IT - Robotics IT - RobotStudio 6.08 - RobotStudio 6.08 Support Tool) and a Pack&Go file of your system so that the issue can be reproduced.

    Best regards,
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