Arcweld powerpack

Is there a reason powerpac always put MoveJ infront of ArclStart?
I prefer to use MoveL since it is more reliable and dont do any suspicious movements like the moveJ.

Cant seem to find any solution other than changing it afterward. So if anyone know how pls let me know or tell me a good reason why i should use MoveJ instead.

Thnx / Mike

Best Answer


  • jmf
    jmf South Africa
    Are you using ArcWelding to do the welding programming? If you do, check your Application Template which you use for that weld, and set the correct parameters inside the General Instructions tab. On mine I can set it as MoveJ or MoveL approach and depart parameter.
  • Robotdude
    Robotdude Sweden
    Yes i use Arcwelding to do the programming.

    Do you mean this window? or do i find the app tmeplate somewhere else?

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