50376 Geometric Interpolation Failed



IRB 660-250/3.15

I have  had Geometric Interpolation errors ("50376 Geometric Interpolation Failed").  In my case, it just randomly occurs in a program that otherwise runs fine.  After the error, I had to move the robot manually  to another point  to run the program again and then  it worked fine.  It is a nuisance more than a problem, being that the program I am running works fine 99% of the time. So, What is the problem ?,Someone is having this problem?

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  • innebandyinnebandy Korea, South ✭✭
    In many cases, RobotWare upgrade is a solution because Interpolator has continued to be improved. 
    If you already got the latest version, Increase the zone size, move the programmed point, change the tool orientation.
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