RW5.15 & 5.14 No event data in stations. RS 2021.1.1

We some robots running 5.15 and 5.14 and we're getting nothing in the events for our stations or events in the output window at the bottom.  So if a simulation stops it doesn't tell us why and we have to spend ages trying to figure it out. 

Going online to the real robots the event view works fine.  It also works fine in simulations for our robots running RW6


  • Hi neily04,

    For assistance with this issue, please contact your local ABB who can help you.

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  • Sorry I'm confused, the heading for this section of the forum says we can report defects and bugs here.....
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  • Hi Maxim,

    Yes I'm very much aware of the forum rules.  I was simply report a defect as that what this section of the forum is for.

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    We agree that it was confusing when the UpFeed section accepted defect reports.

    We have now adjusted the text under the heading, so the UpFeed section is now solely focused on feature requests and improvement suggestions.

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