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Frequently send position data to PLC

is it possible to send actual coordinates every ~0.5s to a PLC?
I tried so set up a new motion task for this but i guess this wont work..
Is there any kind of function or parameter that can monitor the coordinates?

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  • Paba
    edited August 2019
    Works better when using CRobT with an actual reference to Motion Task :#

    SetGO GO_y, Round((100*t_actTarget_R.trans.y)\Dec:=0);
    <code>SetGO GO_z, Round((100*t_actTarget_R.trans.z)\Dec:=0);t_actTarget_R:=CRobT(\TaskRef:=T_ROB_RID);<br>SetGO GO_x, Round((100*t_actTarget_R.trans.x)\Dec:=0);<br>

    Is a cleaner solution possible?

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  • I don't see anything wrong with that code.
    Lee Justice