Connect to IRC5 & PLC over network

Paba Germany
i just want to connect robotstudio with irc5 while having access to a plc.
Doesnt matter if i'm connected to WAN,LAN or LAN3, i am able to ping the irc from pc, but cannot connect robotstudio to the robot.
Option PC-Interface is activated and i setup IP-adress for PN network.

Thanks for any advice :)


  • DenisFR
    DenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    You cannot have PN and RobotStudio on the same network.
    If you have a switch, you can plug PN (on LAN3) and WAN on it.
    Make sure LAN3 and WAN are not in the same subnet address.
  • Paba
    Paba Germany
    Thanks for the Info.
    Profinet is working without any problems, but RS keeps getting disconnected after a while..
    When i disconnect LAN3, the connection to RS works as expected
  • Paba
    Paba Germany
    Ok i changed LAN3 Interface to LAN then it worked..
    BUT now RS cant get write access to the irc. FlexPendant asks me to accept the request..when accepted, it says RS does have access.
    RS says i still need to request write access..
    Is this a bug? When requesting again new write access, ERROR says an unknown user already have write access  :s
  • Paba
    Paba Germany
    Seems like it was a problem with the switch.. all works fine now
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